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Features that make VBI View stand out

Fast and easy access to all your BI content

If you have BI reports and dashboards stored in multiple BI tools, like SAP Business Objects, SAP Analytics Cloud, Power BI, SSRS, Tableau, Spotfire, or MicroStrategy, with VBI View, users can access all of them in a single portal.

With its straight-forward, user-friendly and elegant user interface, VBI View eliminates the struggle for users to navigate through different BI platforms’ interfaces and folder structure.

Automatic import of BI content metadata

Your system or portal administrator doesn’t have to manually import each report. VBI View automatically creates objects within VBI View for each report you have in all your BI systems.

In a matter of just minutes, it will create thousands of report objects with all the data needed to launch the reports.


Configuration allows you to make VBI View as easy or as complex as you need it to be.

Create personal and organization’s folder structure to keep reports best organized to meet your workflow’s needs.

Change the look and feel of VBI View to match your company standards or your intranet’s interface.

Create a custom VBI View containing BI reports and dashboards that you use regularly.

BI Usage Statistics

Get all VBI View reports and dashboards usage statistics such as:

  • Who is running which report(s)?
  • How many times they have run it?
  • When was the last time they open it?
  • What are the most used reports?
  • Who are the most and least active users?
  • Which BI agent is down?

You might even find out that nobody uses one of your BI systems and you can retire it, saving your company a ton of money!

Development Roadmap

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